Episode 9

Talent Based Career Alignment

by | Apr 29, 2022

The Army recognizes that it must compete in the war for talent by incentivizing high-performing People. In this episode, we speak with MAJ Brandon Thompson who is the lead action officer for Talent Based Career Alignment (TBCA), a program that seeks to retain high performing Officers by assisting them with identifying personal and professional goals, aligning their talents to Assured Mid-Career Pathways (AMCP), and providing them with a greater degree of predictability by setting them on a clear career trajectory from the Captains Career Course to Intermediate Level Education. Joining him is CPT Dylan Pablo, a recently selected candidate for the program, who will share about the application process and his recommendations for Junior Officers who are preparing to begin the Captains Career Course.

Hosts & Guests

CPT Greg Rader (host)

MAJ Brandon Thompson

CPT Dylan Pablo


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Winning the War for Talent