Talent Based Career Alignment

The Army Talent Management Task Force is establishing the Talent Based Career Alignment program that actively competes for the retention of our most talented officers. It is a recognition that not all officers are exactly the same and we need to compete for the retention of highly talented officers.

Exceptionally talented junior officers have many opportunities to seek employment outside the Army after their initial obligation. To retain those officers, this new program provides increased predictability and stability. It identifies and selects officers at the Captains Career Course to align their talents to an Assured Mid-Career Pathway.

This pathway guarantees their follow-on assignment after company command – contingent upon continued high levels of performance in company command. In essence, it allows officers to know their career pathway from the Captains Career Course to their attendance at ILE.   

Talent Based Career Alignment is being piloted now with four branches. The Army is already offering 25 slots for specific Assured Mid-Career Pathways at the Captains Career Courses for Maneuver, Logistics, Air Defense Artillery, and Field Artillery and plans to extend 50 more offers to different career courses by the end of the year.

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Program Guide

Each participating program and specific requirements for each to apply are listed in the TBCA Program guide.


After reviewing the program guide, if you feel you meet the requirements to apply, see attached application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I apply to more than one program?

  • Yes. You will have an opportunity to specify and rank order the programs you are interested in.

2.  Who tracks my ADSO?

  • All contractual obligations are tracked and managed through the G-1 and reflected on an officer’s ORB.

3.  What if I don’t meet the revalidation criteria?

  • Your guaranteed opportunity for post-command will be voided.

4.  Does TBCA bump me to the front of a command queue?

  • TBCA does not directly affect your hiring in ATAP or command slating, but the G-1 and ATMTF will communicate with your gaining unit that you have been selected for a competitive pilot program.

5.  What happens if I’m not accepted?

  • You can reapply on the normal timeline while in your KD assignment


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