Army Coaching Program

The Army Coaching Program (ACP) is a non-attributional, officer-focused, confidential, and career-long program.  The program focuses on an officer’s self-development and professional goals as well as their performance and potential

A coach is a certified professional who has a formal relationship with an officer for a specific period of time, to assist in developing and improving their knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to achieve their goals. 

What is an Army Coach?

An Army Coach Is…

An Army Coach Is Not…

Already a Certified Coach?

If you have completed a certified ACTP course and have received your ICF certification you can submit to have the PDSI added to your records.

Want to become an Army Coach?

The Army has partnered with the United States Air Force and are piloting a certified training course to become an Army Coach

Interested in receiving Coaching?

If you would like to request an Internal Army Coach and begin your coaching journey, click the button below to email us.

 The Army Coaching Program provides officers who have maximized self-awareness and development of their war-winning talents to better leverage these talents in support of the Army’s mission.  

Army Coaching Program (STAND TO!)

The Army Coaching Program: Why I Opted in and You Should Too


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