DACES Third Annual Report

In its first three years, over 134,000 DACES surveys have been completed, representing over 93,000 Active-Duty Soldiers. The Army collected over 37,000 additional responses to DACES during its third year.  DACES will work over the next year to increase participation rates, particularly with underrepresented groups in the DACES sample (e.g., Junior Enlisted Soldiers), both by working with Army leaders and organizations and by making the survey easier to access. The Army will share DACES findings more frequently with the Army community at large through strategic messaging efforts to inform the force of the utility of DACES. Understanding the factors that drive Soldiers to leave Active-Duty service, as well as those factors that motivate them to continue serving, is critical for fulfilling the goals and mission of the United States Army.

The Army launched a new survey which allows Soldiers to voice their concerns directly and anonymously to Army leadership.  DACES is a customized survey, with questions tailored to the individual Soldier based on their responses to previous questions.  The Army will use the results of DACES to inform retention efforts and help the Army create retention incentives and improve quality of life programs in order to retain talent. 

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