In 2014, the Army approved the Career Intermission Program (CIP) as a permanent opportunity for many Active Duty Service Members.  CIP provides eligible NCOs and Officers the flexibility to pause their military career for up to 3 years while maintaining a seamless transition back onto Active duty. Participants are obligated to a 2-1 commitment for every month they participate in the program and will receive 2/30ths of the base pay during their hiatus from Army Service.

Some notable benefits include but aren’t limited to:

1) Pursuing personal/professional goals [there are no set reasons to apply]

2) Sustaining healthcare while away from the service

3) The ability to terminate their break early if desired

4) Travel and Transportation allowance from your current assignment to designated CIP location

CIP isn’t for everyone, but it provides a significant element of career flexibility for those who can are able to participate.  If you or someone you know is considering a permanent separation from the Army for temporary reasons, or desire to pursue personal or professional goals outside the Army, CIP may be a great option to explore.

Service members can learn more now before they start the process of out-processing and Transition Assistance Program (TAP). To learn more about other programs the Army has developed for Soldiers go to

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