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The Army is revolutionizing the way it manages talent in the 21st Century. Experts from the Army’s Talent Management Task Force sound off on what Talent Management has in store for Soldiers and Civilians in the U.S. Army.

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Recent Episode

Episode 5 – Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors

The Army must be able to identify a Soldier’s talent if it is to build a 21st Century Talent Management system. LTC Greg Lockhart discusses how Soldiers and units can use the Army’s Knowledge, Skills, and Behavior list in order to put the right Soldier in the right assignment.

Episode 5   |    23:00min

Episode 10 – CAP24 Updates

Building off feedback from previous iterations of the Army’s Command Assessment Program (CAP), SGM Phelicea Redd and COL Robert O’Brien discuss the changes made to the execution of CAP 24.

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Episode 9 – Talent Based Career Alignment

The Army recognizes that it must compete in the war for talent by incentivizing high-performing People. In this episode, we speak with MAJ Brandon Thompson who is the lead action officer for Talent Based Career Alignment (TBCA), a program that seeks to retain high performing Officers by assisting them with identifying personal and professional goals, aligning their talents to Assured Mid-Career Pathways (AMCP), and providing them with a greater degree of predictability by setting them on a clear career trajectory from the Captains Career Course to Intermediate Level Education. Joining him is CPT Dylan Pablo, a recently selected candidate for the program, who will share about the application process and his recommendations for Junior Officers who are preparing to begin the Captains Career Course.

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Episode 8 – Talent Markets: Reflections & Projections

After three years and over 40,000 officer moves since the 2019 roll-out of the Army assignment marketplace the Army has learned a lot about how participants can use the system to build better teams. In this episode, we speak with MG Thomas Drew, Commanding General of the Human Resources Command at Fort Knox, Ky., who provides insights regarding best practices for market activities and responds to some of the healthy skepticism regarding the marketplace. 

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