Thought Leaders: Talent Management Part 1 

Colonel (Retired) Daniel Roper, host of Thought Leaders, interviews MG JP McGee, Director of the Army Talent Management Task Force. Their discussion addresses the security environment characterized by the 2018 U.S. National Defense Strategy and its implications for how the Army must manage its most important asset – its people. MG McGee describes the profound changes the Army is making to its industrial-age personnel system to best leverage the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences of its officers and its noncommissioned officers. This initiative is foundational to the everything that the Army is doing in terms of modernization including Multi-Domain Operations, Army Futures Command, and Talent Management. Ultimately, Talent Management will give the U.S. Army a decisive advantage against near-peer adversaries by maximizing the potential of its people. 










Army Real Talk: Talent Management Part 2

Host Nzinga A. Curry, Director of the Institute of Land Warfare at AUSA, along with co-host LTC Eugene Irby, AUSA’s U.S. Army Fellow, revisit the topic of Talent Management as a follow-up to Army Matters’ 23 September interview with MG JP McGee on the topic. A group of Army Talent Management Task Force (ATMTF) experts, LTC Lucas Hightower, LTC Cayton Johnson, MAJ Greg Lockhart and MAJ Maria Hough, provide a deep dive into talent management initiatives, including assessments like the GRE, brevet and merit-based promotions, the Battalion Commanders Assessment Pilot (BCAP), and the new Army Talent Management Process (ATAP).











The Army’s New Approach to People

How could symphonies inspire the Army to change the way it selects leaders? The answer might surprise you.  Gen James C. McConville, the Army’s 40th chief of staff, has given his marching orders: The Army’s top priority is people — more specifically, overhauling talent management.  How will future leaders be assessed, selected, and promoted?

To understand the huge changes underway, Ryan spoke with Maj. Gen. J.P. McGee, who leads the Army’s Talent Management Task Force.  McGee gives us a deep look inside his team’s efforts, to include a new battalion commander selection process that could lead to a cascade of personnel reforms.  If you’re in the Army, know anyone in the Army, or are interested in the power of the personnel policies, you won’t want to miss this.










The Present & Future of Army Talent Management

Major General JP McGee is the head of the Army Talent Management Task Force and responsible for bringing innovative change to the Army personnel and talent management system.

In this conversation, he gives the background on why the Army must alter the way it selects, develops, and retains leaders. He goes into detail about the emerging programs and policies that are changing the way we serve, including the AIM 2.0 assignment process, Battalion and Brigade Command Assessment and Selection, brevet promotions, direct commissioning, adjusted commissioning lengths, and varying career paths and options.