The Army Talent Management Task Force is currently developing initiatives towards identifying, assessing, and retaining the most talented Non-Commissioned Officers.

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The Sergeant Major Assessment Program is intended to find the best individuals to serve in CSM and key billet positions by using objective assessments to complement the current use of subjective evaluations. The initial prototype took place in November 2020 at Fort Knox, KY with 28 candidates participating in the FY22 Battalion Commander Assessment Program (BCAP). Candidates underwent a series of assessments including the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), cognitive and non-cognitive assessments, psychometric assessments, written communication, and the collection of peer and subordinate feedback. The program culminated with a double-blind interview between candidates and a panel consisting of nominative SGMs and senior officers.

The 1SG Talent Alignment Assessment is a unique initiative as it is the only talent management initiative that focuses on specific job alignment. It is intended to enable leaders to slot their senior NCOs in a way that maximizes their talent. Leaders will execute a Talent Requirement Worksheet (TRW) which will help them understand the talent required for upcoming E8 vacancies. Senior NCOs will take a series of assessments which will help identify their talent. That, combined with their self-professed talent and preferences will then be matched against the talent required in the upcoming vacancies. The 1SG TAA will not replace leaders’ judgment. It will give them the tools to make informed decisions and maximize the talent within their organizations.

New Pilot Program Helps Army Select Best Fit For First Sergeants

TMTF ETM Pilot 3 Condensed AAR

Modeled after the Army’s Assignment Interactive Module for officers, ASK-EM supports enhanced interaction between NCOs and HRC’s talent managers allowing NCOs more input into where they would like to be assigned based on their knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences. Through ASK-EM, eligible NCOs are able to see all available requirements that match their MOS and grade and can preference them in an automated marketplace-type interface.


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