Data 101 Training Course

Course Description:

Data 101 is the Army’s introductory course to improving data literacy. Developed by the Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS), the course introduces students to fundamental concepts so that they can effectively read, work with, analyze, and communicate with data.



Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a good, data-driven question

  • Learn to be a critical consumer of data and statistics

  • Understand and interpret data visualizations

  • Generate an effective data story

  • Appreciate elements of the data and analytics lifecycle


Course Delivery:

  • A certified instructor, who is also a practicing data professional, will travel to your organization to lead the training in person. The course is comprised of four, 2.5-hour sessions, with each session taught on consecutive days.

  • Audience:

    The course is designed with the data citizen in mind. This may include staff members and organizational leaders who use data to inform decisions, perform key responsibilities, or lead data professionals. No coding or mathematical prerequisites are required!

  • Course Size:

    The course is limited to 25 participants.

  • Cost:

    The only cost is the instructor’s TDY.

  • Scheduling Process:

    Due to high demand, we are currently scheduling courses for August – September 2022.

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