Colonels Command Assessment Program 

The Colonels Command Assessment Program (CCAP) is the U.S. Army’s new program to expand the Army’s understanding of officers’ talents and assess their strategic potential and readiness for command. 

The CCAP will consist of a series of cognitive and non-cognitive, written, verbal and physical assessments in addition to the Army Comprehensive Talent Interview with senior officers 

Colonels Command Assessment Program – Candidate Welcome Video

Battalion Commander Assessment Program – Documentary

In January 2020, the Army held its first-ever Battalion Commander Assessment Program to select the next cohort of officers to lead America’s sons and daughters. This is an in-depth, behind the scenes documentary about the driving principles behind BCAP and how it is used to determine whether an officer is ready for command.

CCAP and BCAP have many similarities in development and execution.  This documentary explains how many of these methods were developed and why they are used. 

BCAP Results Video

Army Comprehensive Talent Interview (ACTI) Familiarization Video

The final event for the BCAP/CCAP is the Army Comprehensive Talent Interview.  Below is a training video using the STAR method to derive in-depth and quality answers that may be asked of you during your interview. 

CCAP Microsoft Teams Information

During CCAP execution, sponsor teams will be on the ground to assist all CCAP candidates.  The primary means of communication will be through MS Teams.  If you do not have an active account, please visit the CVR Self-Service Portal NLT 30 August to activate your account:  If you have questions, please contact MAJ Mark Hardee at