Battalion Commander Assessment Program Documentary

In January 2020, the Army held its first-ever Battalion Commander Assessment Program to select the next cohort of officers to lead America’s sons and daughters. This is an in-depth, behind the scenes documentary about the driving principles behind BCAP and how it is used to determine whether an officer is ready for command.

The Army has implemented a new requirement for officers who compete for battalion command to participate in the Battalion Commander Assessment Program to assess each officer’s fitness for command and strategic leadership potential. The Battalion Commander Assessment Program is a four-day event that assesses officers who are selected by the centralized selection board. Participants will undergo a series of cognitive, non-cognitive, and physical assessments in addition to a panel interview with senior Army officers. Selection for battalion command level positions is one of the most important decisions the Army makes. The intent of these assessments is to expand the Army’s understanding of each officer’s talents, assess their strategic potential, and make data-informed decisions.

BCAP Cohort Photos

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